Halfway There

With your help, we earned a decisive victory on Tuesday, August 6. Many of you donated to my campaign, marched in parades, knocked on doors, placed a sign in your yard, and reminded your friends and family to vote. You weren’t cowed by the left’s despicable attempt to invent a controversy and smear my character at the last minute. In absolute desperation, they lied to discourage you and suppress your vote, but it didn’t work.

You showed up, and the other side had a miserable night. I won in 35 out of 36 precincts and tied in the 36th; voters in conservative strongholds came out in greater numbers than voters in liberal strongholds; and about one third of our votes came from generally infrequent voters, who identified something in our campaign to get excited about.

Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future results. After a victory, we each have the option to become complacent or to double down on what worked. I choose to double down, and I’m asking for your help!

Over the next few months, I need to raise enough money to ensure a victory in the general election when the other side throws all they have into the race. For those of you who donated to my campaign during the Primary, I hope the results have spoken for themselves. We put your money to work and did so effectively. The political contribution limits for the Primary are separate from the political contribution limits for the General. And now each individual or business can give up to another $1,000 to my campaign for the upcoming election on November 5.

If you’d like to become involved in another capacity, please fill out this form. We’re looking for people who want a campaign sign for their yard or who are willing to knock on doors and call voters when the time comes.

A successful campaign in one district of Whatcom County can drive success in other county-wide races as well. During the Primary, voter participation in District 4 was higher than anywhere else. If this trend continues, our success will spill over into the other races, and other good candidates will also benefit. Let’s show the other side that the Primary wasn’t a fluke but a turning point for our county.

Please consider a donation today.


- Kathy Kershner

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