The Endorsement that Matters Most

Last week, I was humbled once again to receive the endorsement of the Whatcom County Deputy Sheriff Guild. Like you, I am so grateful to our first responders who put it all on the line every day to keep our county safe. As your county councilmember, I will support them with the resources they need to do their job and do it well.

Likewise, I was also honored to receive the endorsement of Lynden Mayor - Scott Korthuis, Sumas Mayor - Kyle Christensen, and Everson Mayor - John Perry. I look forward to partnering closely with all three leaders on issues including preserving our agricultural heritage, ensuring access to water for families, and developing thoughtful growth and infrastructure plans.

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I’m running to be your vote on the Whatcom County Council. To that end, I’ve begun to meet with the constituents of District 4 to learn more about what you care about. Usually over coffee, we have engaging discussions that touch on a variety of topics. Most often the conversation turns to the importance of good government and how there seems to be a shortage of it. The people I’m talking to want a future for their families. They want their hard work respected, and they want the freedom to live their lives free of unnecessary burden. This emphasis on the few simple things in life that really matter is what distinguishes the people of this district—a place we’re blessed to call home.

In the end, your endorsement is what matters most to me, and I will work hard to earn it. If you’d like to show your support with a yard sign, please fill out this form to request one for your yard.

I’d also love for you to attend an upcoming “Coffee with Kathy” event. Every Friday morning, it’s a great opportunity to gather at a local coffee shop and make new friends. Click here to view the schedule.

Finally, we need your financial support to keep this early momentum going. Last week, we set an ambitious goal to raise $10,000 in the first 10 days of my campaign, and we’re halfway there. Will you help us close the remaining gap?

With your support, I know we’ll be moving this county in the right direction very soon. Sincerely,


- Kathy Kershner

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